Formulation of BlockHub.

BlockHub is a sister company of Innovation Factory, a Fintech firm working on diversified ecosystem for utility based crypto currency. Innovation Factory form a subsidiary, BlockHub to manage the core development aspects of Blockchain and its smart contracts. Together, the powerful duo has developed the BFIC Mainnet, a 3rd Generation Blockchain with native BFICoin. BlockHub was constituted in early 2021 and has already achieved its initial goals.

Innovation Factory, the parent to BlockHub is the fintech firm behind the BFIC Blockchain and BFICoin ecosystem. The firm has been operating since 2020 to design & develop a complete ecosystem to support the utility of its decentralized protocols. The fintech firm has already deployed the BFIC Mainnet, and the BFIC crypto coins are already available in the crypto world.

Future plans of Innovation Factory envision a continued venture with BlockHub to develop advanced smart contracts to offer numerous services over their BFIC BlockChain.

Our Vision for the Future.

BlockHub is a software & blockchain development firm. Originally the firm is a sister company of Innovation Factory. Together with the super talented and highly experienced developers of BlockHub and the visionaries of Innovation Factory, a tremenduously powerful new Blockchain came into existence known as the BFIC Mainnet.

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